I come from a family of authors. My uncle is Larry Merchant, the former sports commentator for HBO Sports, and the author of several books including a history of the Army-Navy Game, the American Football League, and he was a sports writer and editor for the Philadelphia Inquirer. My father, Richard Kaufman, was the right-hand man of Sen. William Proxmire, and each year helped the Senator pick the winner of his annual “Golden Fleece Award” for the most brazenly promiscuous defense contractor, and authored the book, The War Profiteers.
For more than thirty years, I have served the Washington, D.C. community as a chiropractor. With my private practice located four blocks from the Capitol building, I have treated White House staff, lobbyists, congressmen their staff, Supreme Court justices, think-tankers and policy makers from every branch of government. Both MedStar Insurance, Washingtonian Magazine and Craig’s List have counted me for decades among the Top 10 chiropractors in the District of Columbia.
I studied at Palmer College of Chiropractic from 1977 to 1980 where I edited the student newspaper and introduced my colleagues to the school’s famous faculty and personalities, bringing to life the fascinating, living history of their profession. I have become a historian of both chiropractic and medicine, and the Vitalist philosophy that chiropractic brings to the conversation represents a significant untapped publishing opportunity, for both nonfiction and fiction.
Please go to my websites for more information about my Chiropractic Practice in Capitol Hill, at 411 East Capitol St. SE, Washington DC 20003 and my Tai Chi Practice. I teach Yang Tai Chi in Capitol Hill.