By Dr. David Walls-Kaufman

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The dark side of vaccines has been all but expunged from the modern record by the $100 trillion the medical industrial complex has earned from drug-first and hospital-first healthcare since 1900. It doesn’t take a mathematician to see how easily billions can be peeled off by drug companies for the $280 million each year spread around Washington according to the Senate Office of Public Records, among 1,400 lobbyists, as compared with $30 million by Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter combined, and $11 million by the NRA.

         Don’t forget the $22 billion each year for advertising, the highest in advertising, to twist the arms of the news media. Dr. Alan Levin, Adjunct Associate Professor of Immunology and Dermatology at the University of California, makes a profound statement that we all should take to heart: “Pharmaceutical companies, by enlisting the aid of influential academic physicians, have gained control of the practice of medicine in the United States. They now set the standards of practice by hiring investigators to perform studies which establish the efficacy of their products or impugn that of their competitors. . .” More than this, drug companies have controlled medical and nursing education since the 1920s. Drug company money has created a false reality in many respects that has virtually blotted out more natural concepts on healing, precisely because these methods work, and because these methods form a slippery slope away from drug dependency.

         Nothing threatens the medical industrial complex today. But one hundred years ago, the concept of chiropractic’s brain-first healthcare threatened it like no other, and was proportionately targeted to make the field the object of ridicule. Saul Alinsky noted the effectiveness of the nonstop ridicule of chiropractic and made use of the same technique in his famous Rules for Radicals. This little-known cultural backstory plays into why chiropractic today stands as one of the few front runners in telling the dark side of vaccines. The sensitivity drug manufacturers show for their vaccines shows up in how they have erected an aggressive protective scrimmage around them that has made frank discussions of vaccine damage as emotionally problematic as discussions of politics. The damage vaccines do to health are the centerpiece for drug company market share for the rest of this century, as we shall see. Skepticism from pro-vaxxers should admit that nothing is perfect, not even vaccines, and that every authority that drug companies assemble to discredit anti-vaxxers have financial ties directly or indirectly to manufacturers, and that the current practice of funding disclosure for presenters at scientific conferences only needed to be started because of these extensive compromising affiliations. Anti-vaxxers have no such trillion dollar commercial incentives.

         First off, we all love our doctors and nurses. But they mostly only know what they have been taught (by drug companies) in their schools, since drug companies have been the hand that rocks the cradle since the 1920s. Drugs don’t heal, they mask symptoms and problems. Drugs used to “cure” one problem cause 150 problems, according to the warning label. Mild OTC medications kill about 200,000 people a year. But vaccines are the holy grail of public faith in the MIC business model, damaging the health of tens of millions and serving as a sort of gateway drug for future market share.For this reason, the medical cartel has put all their eggs into emotionalizing and confusing this basket.

         To begin with, only four vaccines really work at all well historically, i.e. over 80%—rabies, smallpox, hepatitis and tetanus. All other vaccines are much less certain of conferring immunity for any length of time, which is generally two or three years, whereas natural immunity confers advantages for life. Why aren’t you dead from that same disease after your vaccine “wore off”? Two reasons: First, you have a brain and immune system that are powerfully immune capable ever from the scariest germs. Second, a 1963 study by the CDC shows that modern society had an improving baseline of health from nutrition, city cleanliness, and programs for poverty, that diminished collective susceptibility of the population to infectious disease so that vaccines were increasingly pointless. Drug companies omit this fact from their narrative.

         Additionally, chiropractic claims that the human body structure is like a musical instrument, and when this structure is precisely tuned, it opens a portal for directly de-stressing the brain and nervous system, the master system of the body, for a brain-first model of health. This makes vaccines all the more obsolete and ill-thought. The chiropractic perspective is that, without this improvement, individuals and societies stand at a level of “half health” at which our immune system and brain still are extremely effective against germs. For example, the most dangerous germ on the planet, Anthrax, kills only 42% of people exposed. Rabies—20%. Whom do these terrible diseases kill? —the unhealthy, those of us even below half health. To conquer all germs, we need to raise our health from half health to full health. We cannot do this without our brain. Look at the definitions of the words epidemic and pandemic: an epidemic claims between 1% to 3% of a population, and a pandemic claims over 3%. At full health rather than half health, we are naturally protected from everything.

         Besides the CDC 1963 study, and “half health” being the real problem of our era, let’s look at why vaccines are so traumatic in of themselves: The Sabin oral vaccine was completely safe and even more effective than injected vaccine, because it used the vehicle of natural exposure and did not traumatically “sneak attack” the immune system in bypassing all modes of immune radar. Similarly, the father of modern vaccines, Edward Jenner, in 1795, gave smallpox vaccine protection to milk maids by simply scratching their skin with the puss of the cowpox pustule. This is another perfectly safe, effective method because the brain and immune system are so exquisitely alert to every change that they easily respond to such prompts that operate through the pathway of normal immune radar. Another exposure method congruent with immune radar would be to puff material to introduce it to the nasopharyngeal immune array. All of these methods are far superior to shots, and have none of the permanent immune scarring side effects avoided by addressing the evolutionarily prepared channels. Some researchers have said these immune responses do not last as long, but this is not the real reason, and more short term immune responses are easily, and safely, offset by simply repeating these perfectly safe vaccine exposures.

         So why did the medical industrial complex in the late 19th century insist on the hypodermic stick and squirting compounds requiring mercury preservatives (Thimerosal) and extremely toxic aluminum adjuvant boosters that make shots last up to two years instead of only a month or two? The answer is that medicine earlier in the century legally defined itself as the healing art that diagnosed disease and broke the skin. This barred any other health specialty from using a scalpel or giving a shot. And nothing wows the public like the drama of vaccines and surgeries. Sticking hypodermics in arms is sexy, and affirms the lofty status of the MD, while scratching a hypodermic across the skin of a milkmaid is something any acupuncturist or mom could do. And so, for medical profit and ego, and space-age wow factor, the super-toxic hypo load is shot deep into an artery past the immune array so that it is pumped everywhere inside the body in two beats of the heart. And the level of mercury in a single vaccine for a child is 6x the level the FDA says is safe for a full-grown man.

         This unforeseen toxic atomic bomb launches the adverse immune chain reaction that lasts a lifetime, and sets the table for the “unexplained” explosion in chronic inflammation, such as allergies and asthma, that will require people buying far more drugs, products, tests and visits than if they did not have hyper-active immune function. The mercury and aluminum payloads together act 10x more toxic than either one alone. Our brain and immune system go into hyper-response, leaping away from the normal igG cascade, to the igE cascade, the emergency pathway, that recruits all of the immune system with the histamine response for extra clout. This igE response is what causes all allergies and asthma, including peanut and food allergies, that debilitate millions of children and adults annually, and which are all unknown in the unvaccinated population. This is also the suspected cause behind the onslaught of chronic inflammatory disease that has sprung on America since the 1980s. This explosion in diabetes and the entire family of autoimmune disorders, including more cancer, is not explained away by diet alone. This tidal wave of immune hypersensitivity has more than replaced infectious disease as the scourge of modern society. Without the highly toxic adjuvants in today’s vaccines, vaccines only last a few months. Our immune system does not like being artificially scrambled and throws off the harmful effects of the vaccine without them. It is the heavy metal poisons in the vaccine that make them last. It is these same poisons that cripple our immune system and open the door to this floodgate of awful consequences.

         The short life span of vaccines shocked early vaccine makers in the 1920s, and they quietly realized the charade they had played on the public respecting vaccine potency. They went about covertly searching for ways to give their shots more kick, which led them to the Faustian Bargain of aluminum adjuvants.

         Research at the University of Christ Church has shown that the 21% and 25% of the vaccinated population respectively suffer from asthma and allergies, with asthma killing about 4,000 people each year in America, while both conditions are unknown in the unvaccinated population. Peanut allergies and nut allergies only occur in the vaccinated population because peanut oil is a cheap liquid suspension for the vaccine load. The peanut oil (a fat) is harmless because the immune system is only concerned about foreign proteins, the basis of life. But if micro-grains of peanut protein leak past lab filtration into the oil in the shot, then these foreign proteins ignite the igE cascade and all the rest. Bee sting allergies are also examples of foreign protein sensitivities that only come from immune damage caused by vaccines. The igE cascade (think “E” for Error, and “G” for Good) is the abnormal pathway that is provocative, unbalanced, exhausting and stressful, moving us toward a life of measurably worse health, and more need for drugs and medical intervention. But perhaps one of the most horrifying results of vaccines is when a baby has an adverse response and exhibits the hair-raising “dying bird cry” that only comes from the particular convulsion of their nervous system to the ingredients in the payload.

         Critics of vaccines such as the human rights activist Barbara Loe Fisher have pointed to the anomaly in modern public health that seems to correspond to the suspicious rise in the vaccine schedule. These are the flood of autoimmune disease, diabetes, inflammation, poorer pain modulation, cancer, Alzheimer’s and dementia, chronic inflammatory conditions of the brain that are involved in ADHD and other learning disorders. This mysterious explosion in inflammatory disease corresponds with the vaccine era, and significant research has mapped out why traumatic vaccine leads to these conditions, and why non-traumatic vaccines would not. The burden of chronic metabolic disease can be seen to climb like a staircase each time the pediatrics community has responded to drug company pressure to raise the vaccine schedule, four times since the 1930s. In the 1950s, the recommended schedule was 5 to 10 vaccines. Since then, the drug manufacturers have prodded the American College of Pediatricians three times to increase the vaccine schedule. Today, children receive 48 doses of 14 vaccines by age six, and 69 doses of 16 vaccines by age 18. Given the 1963 CDC infectious disease report, what is the College’s argument for nearly quadrupling the vaccine schedule? Are there more diseases now than before? Are the old diseases more virulent? To date, none of the four vaccine makers has addressed these glaring incongruities, especially in lieu of the 1963 CDC report.

         Three stair-steps standout in the vaccine schedule. The first was 1981 when drug manufacturers received a key report on the central importance of vaccines for long term market share for drugs and medical procedures. Soon after this report, the American College of Pediatrics more than doubled the vaccine schedule. This led to the explosion in chronic inflammatory disease and learning disorders in American children, and more vaccine damage lawsuits. In 1986, the drug manufacturers went to the Reagan administration and cautioned that the barrage of vaccine damage lawsuits since 1981 were killing their profits to the extent that they might have to shutter the industry. This was probably an idle threat, with the pump already primed, but it worked. The government gave the vaccine makers near-complete indemnification, including a near-total blackout on the records in the newly formed special vaccine courts where court records would not be made public, unlike regular court. This begs the question, if vaccine damage is reasonable and proportionate, why would drug makers want court records and settlements buried?

         After indemnification and the creation of the special court, vaccines became so profitable that the drug companies turned again to the American College of Pediatrics, who doubled the vaccine schedule again. This quadrupling of the mercury-aluminum load in the life of American children corresponded to yet another louder outbreak in learning disabilities, chronic disease and nut allergies by 1992. But this time, the hands of American parents were tied by the special courts, and parents were operating in the dark to recognize what vaccines might have done, given the blacked out records.

         The outbreak was so obvious, and the rumbling became so dangerous, that the medical industrial complex lowered the amount of at least the mercury in vaccines. This softened the incidence of mercury-aluminum-related learning disabilities by about 30%, although health statistics show they have by no means disappeared in a disease that was first discovered in 1936 in an otherwise healthy boy from affluent parents who made sure he had received all of his vaccines.

         The MIC also seeded money to grow a frontline of Autism advocacy groups that claim to be searching for the cause of Autism while they raise funds for further research for drug cures for Autism. The MIC added to this circle fest a skirmish line of top experts in pediatrics, child psychology and vaccinology, all on generous payrolls as “consultants,” and as beneficiaries of grants and prizes, typically paid for by drug companies, who busily assure the trusting public that vaccines create absolutely no problems worthy of concern.

         One of the most telling chapters in the story of vaccines is organized medicine’s claim to have conquered polio in the 1950s. One insight on this oft-repeated epistle on heroic vaccine was given by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, famed author of two international blockbuster best-sellers, “Confessions of a Medical Heretic,” and “Male-practice, How Doctors Manipulate Women.” At a Palmer College of Chiropractic faculty lunch in 1979, Mendelsohn explained that the disastrous live-virus Salk vaccine actually caused renewed Polio outbreaks when the natural course of the epidemic was in decline and removing the disease in the natural cycle. This second wave was so virulent, and so destructive of the vaccine myth, that the medical industrial complex huddled up with the Centers for Disease Control and talked the Center into changing the diagnostic parameters of Polio, to tighten them up, so that, overnight, only the most extreme case of Polio, Quaternary Polio, would be diagnosed as Polio, thereby slashing the polio numbers and hiding a scandal of the most monstrous proportions. (This sort of tampering with diagnostic parameters would seem unheard of by most Americans before similar tampering during Covid, but now seems believable.) Meanwhile, the far safer Sabin oral vaccine chugged along bolstering immunity, along with the natural forces of the elevation in collective human health. It should also be noted that chiropractic work in polio victims, even after paralysis, had set a new standard, as in the Gardella case, the six-year old girl who had been the national polio poster child. The book “Chiropractic First” retells the case, where the paralyzed girl, appearing in March of Dimes posters everywhere with her crutches, is pictured a year later walking happily hand in hand with the chiropractor that saved her.

         The record shows that drug companies have been cognizant of the problems with their vaccines since the 1970s and the complicating factors with America’s calorie-rich, nutrient-poor nutrition. Many doctors and experts inside the drug companies and research have been willing to talk and write about these terrible conflicts of interest and “regulatory capture” in healthcare that reach directly into the highest offices of public health. Dr. William Thomas, and a group of CDC whistleblower researchers who call themselves SPIDER, have offered numerous accounts of this runaway corruption. These stories get such infrequent coverage because the American media seems content to violate any ethics of public service by remaining as captured as federal and state regulatory agencies from the $22 billion in annual drug advertising. The media is America’s only lynchpin to the truth and hope that this reprehensible collusion could ever be revealed and the record set straight to pave the way to more rational models for national health. But it appears American media is as cold-hearted as are America’s four vaccine producers.

         The backstory on the doubling of the vaccine schedule in 1981 is telling: This surge in recommended vaccines came about because the manufacturers in the 1970s assembled a commission to study how to expand drug company sales into the next fifty years. The commission found a social pattern of crucial significance: if children were takers of drugs by age 21 then they tended to remain unquestioning, compliant drug takers for the rest of their lives. If they were unused to taking drugs by age 21 then they tended to be the most resistant to taking drugs for the rest of their lives. The commission said in no uncertain terms that vaccines were the gateway drug by which the drug companies could tool die American healthcare for generations. High vaccine schedules were as good as standing on an assembly line stamping out children who would be lifetime customers made by vaccine damage. And their own doting parents would offer them up on a silver platter to develop conditions from allergies to Autism needing medical intervention all the rest of their lives. Vaccines give drug companies the double bonus—billions for the vaccines, hundreds of billions to treat the carnage they make. The American Pediatric Association did the rest, turning the wealthiest nation on earth into a Frankenstein of drug users consuming pharmaceuticals on a level that can only be described as experimental. America by any measure is now a drug-gobbling machine that is not looking back, who’s top health agencies and experts, since Covid, show an unbroken pattern that has lain the entire nation into the lap of the medical industry. Top authorities are counting their money and looking the other way as this mugging is taking place. In 2019, a Wall Street report warned investors that the public showed an appalling lack of even basic knowledge about Covid and immune health, and that the blame for this lay squarely at the feet of the media and government oversight. The consequences economically of this ignorance, they advised, could be disastrous.

         History has forgotten how the family doctor’s opium-heavy pain killers in the early 20th century spawned America’s long dark journey into drug abuse. NSAIDS in the 1970s were supposed to be the non-opioid miracle to replace opioids, but then NASIDS brought serious harm. They were replaced by the new miracle painkillers, Vioxx and Celebrex, when the hailstorm of side effects chased NSAIDS off stage. The same deadly pattern occurred with Vioxx and Celebrex until new opioids and fentanyl were introduced as the saviors, which then shaped a full scale national massacre. As of 2016, American lifespan is going down for the first time in her history from drugs and the obesity that is a primary feature of chronic inflammatory disease. And don’t forget how Statins played across the headlines for a single day after they were finally deemed useless for preventing heart attacks in 2018. Four decades on the market, after being found “some of the most dangerous drugs ever produced” by in-house researchers at the FDA in 1986. Their recommendations to reject approval were ignored by the top echelon, called “revolvers” by drug company insiders. These highly prized specialists rotate from public to private sector and are bid on for their ability to coordinate regulatory capture. The drug companies to date have paid $250 million in fines for $250 billion in fentanyl profits. And yet, where vaccines are concerned, the force-feeding program remains Teflon, because drug company credibility remains untarnished on vaccines.

         Drug companies have paid handsomely, and worked ruthlessly, to keep Americans unskeptical about shots. They have made the issue as hot as a MAGA hat. Vaccines remain the center post of Drug-First Healthcare and the Germ Model of disease. But times are a changing. An April 2020 open letter from Robert Kennedy Jr to Dr. Sanjay Gupta at CNN calls out the network for it’s shilling for the four vaccine manufacturer’s annual scare campaign to boost flu shots by flat out lying about the numbers. Federal sources are cited to show how drug companies frighten consumers by inflating annual flu deaths from less than 100 to from 50K to 80K by counting them in with pneumonia deaths, a far more deadly disease that hits the elderly especially in hospitals and for which there is no effective vaccine. Multiple studies from top medical journals in virology and vaccine are referenced in the letter to show how flu vaccines are not only ineffective, but that also repeated immune trauma from vaccines actually permanently damages far superior natural immunity pathways so that multiple flu vaccinated individuals actually become more susceptible to all infectious agents. Kennedy cites the landmark 2004 Institute of Medicine conference on vaccine damage in which one presenter admitted how manufacturers saw rising consumer awareness posing the greatest threat to future vaccination efforts. This author attended the 2004 IOM vaccine conference, and saw strong data showing the vaccine link to Autism, yet The Washington Post claimed no such evidence, and ever since the erroneous Post article is referenced so frequently that the falsehood has become fact. A 2010 study published by Skowronek in PLos Medicine found that repeated vaccination “effectively blocks the more robust, complex, and cross-protective immunity afforded by prior [natural] infection.” A 2011 study published in Journal of Virology confirmed that regular seasonal flu vaccine undermines our ability to develop far superior natural immunity.

         Kennedy’s letter refers to depositions from top CDC researchers stating how the CDC pressured them to “destroy” facts that showed a link between vaccines and autism. Numerous official government studies and publishings are quoted, including the January 2018 Journal of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which found that individuals acquiring the flu vaccine spread more flu than unvaccinated individuals because they aerosolize six times as much virus. A January 2020 Pentagon Study found that flu shots increased individual’s susceptibility to corona virus by 36%. This Pentagon study joins other studies that find vaccines create highly undesirable “virus interference” where the immune system afterward shows significantly increased difficulty dealing with other viral attacks and respiratory conditions. A paper published in the Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal on healthy Australian children found that seasonal flu shots increase the risk of flu by 73% and doubled the risk of non-flu respiratory infections.

         The letter hit CNN for scaring the American public about measles and quotes the 1963 CDC review that said measles was eradicated by 1960 except for the few cases that still occur at a frequency on par with being struck by lightning, and that measles now occurs almost exclusively in malnourished children usually with intellectual disabilities. The letter cited multiple comprehensive federal investigations and whistleblower declarations that documented the corrupt relationship between the CDC’s Vaccine Branch and the four vaccine makers: Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi, and GSK. These include a 2000 report by the US Congress Government Oversight Committee, a 2009 report by the Federal HHS Inspector General, a 2014 letter by David Wright, Director of HHS Office of Research Integrity, and a 2011 letter to Carmen S. Villar, chief of staff for Tom Frieden, from the organization of CDC scientists calling itself SPIDER. Here, CDC researchers described in detail the level of corruption at the CDC. In 2014, CDC’s senior vaccine safety scientist, Dr. William Thompson, said in a series of depositions, and public and private statements, that his superiors in the Immunization Branch had “systematically ordered him and other researchers to destroy data and falsify study outcomes to hide CDC research linking vaccines to the exploding epidemic of childhood chronic diseases including autism.”

         The drug companies have created a hall of mirrors around their vaccines. We did not make their reputations, they did. The best “revolvers” in DC belong to the drug companies. They network between the universities and research labs, the Food & Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control, its Vaccine Branch, and even the US Congress Government Oversight Committee, the Health and Human Services Inspector General’s office, and the Office of Research Integrity for HHS. From these vantage points they hold down the entire frontier of vaccine force-feeding, and the media help the “bodies stay buried” seemingly without any thought to science, or the public fate, or the truth about how a healthy body works. Every indication is that drug companies have made generous use of their $100T in profits since 1900 to make public health their plaything, with the most egregious example being the vaccine imbroglio. In this ground, the drug czars have determined these bodies will stay buried.