by David Walls-Kaufman

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The story beyond 1984. . . 600 years in the future, the final chapter of humans versus Artificial Intelligence and the Era of Surveillance.


“Robot, Archangel” takes place 600 years in the future when the roulette wheel of fate has put exactly the wrong people in control of a surveillance state that can read minds. The “Tech” scans nine layers of neurological activity, set to kill for any questioning of authority. In this world far beyond 1984, and Elysium, there is no escape. A society where one cannot hide even in their own thoughts lays the foundations for Caligula-like fatalism. . . . But in this Tech Wonderland free of disease, pain and any problems for the elite, why does Tech show chinks in the armor? Have humans angered Tech by politely asking for a restoration of power-sharing?

             “Robot, Archangel” ping pongs between two characters: the sixty-year old newly-made widow, Indira Wazku, living in the earth-brick slums of a hyper-religious society paralyzed in fear under a cruel “God”. And the thirty-six year old Deputy Chief of Municipal Security, Milton Aras, who questions the morality of elite society as he begins to suspect the competency of the Tech for a reason he must discover. Indira huddles in her coffee shop wondering if her husband will ever return, while the crazy Rabbi Hector begins attempting to inform her of very dangerous ideas―such as that it may not be God that scalds their existence, but men like them! Indira and the rabbi play mental cat and mouse while Aras and his team open dialogue with “Ovid”, a large stone disc that represents Tech for the Great Reunification of the perfect society. This is the ending for all books.