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Love story. Comedy. Political satire. Brooding political thriller. Holistic polemic and anti-pharmaceutical screed. Hearty, well-thought-out challenge of both Left and Right. . . This is actually a funny, sassy, urban love story humorously sketched over Walls-Kaufman’s unique take on political gridlock and how two sides can find mutual resolution in – of all places! – the lessons of Holistic health and how it bathes and nourishes the cells of a body just as they might represent citizens in a society. These lessons the author artfully and convincingly extends into the fields of politics and the common law. And once he opens the box it ain’t as far-fetched as you might think. Walls-Kaufman pulls no punches with our own Twitter-world incivility, and he definitely has a unique view worth taking stock of. His perspective on how to be more civil to one another winds us down some dark and threatening turns as he reminds us what political turmoil has done to us in the past, even as his superlative dialogue and elegant character development lead the reader along the story of a presidential campaign. Walls-Kaufman has a brilliant sense of humor and irony. The reader easily enjoys the great deal of fun he is having at the expense of the current political class.